[rescue] Cisco hardware quest

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Mon Feb 18 07:37:09 CST 2008

Quoth Andrew Weiss ...

> Much better than my 740iL that you helped me drive to Florida.  I'm  
> close on 130,000.  I'm going to trade it in as soon as 
> possible.  I'm  
> going down to the car dealership tomorrow to see if I can get a  
> really good deal on the car I'm going to order.  I only have to have  
> the 7 last 3 months until it comes in.

BMWs must have gone downhill since I had my laost one.  I bought a used 732i
in Germany in 1985, and brought it back to the USA in '86.  I drove it for
12 years and hardly had to do anything to it. When I sold it, in 1997, it
had 265,000 miles on it, everything still worked well, and it would still do
its listed top speed.  I really, really liked that car.


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