[rescue] Free: Sparcstation 1/1+/2/5, U5, monitors, cables.

Louis Erickson lerickson at rdwarf.net
Sun Feb 17 10:31:44 CST 2008

The Sun 4/260 has been spoken for.  (Although I did get it to boot last 
night, which surprised me!)  One of the Xterms may go with the 4/260.

So has the external DEC Sun-bootable SCSI CD-ROM.

It also looks like there is a home for the Alpha.

The RedHat 5.1 Sparc seems to have a home, and I'll get details about what 
other discs there are shortly.

Someone has asked about any optical mice which are left over after 
everything settles down, and I'm happy to send them off to them rather 
than the recycler.

All the other stuff is still available.  I might have one more interesting 
thing, we'll see if it goes with the 4/260 or not.  =)

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008, Louis Erickson wrote:

> There are three 19" CRT monitors.  All Sun brand, all the 13W3 connector.
> There are the following computers:
> Sparcstation 1, 0M RAM, no disc, no video, no FDD
> Sparcstation 1+, 64m RAM, FDD, no HDD
> Sparcstation 1+, 28M Ram, FDD, no HDD
> Sparcstation 2, 32M ram, FDD, 2.1G HDD
> Sun Sparcstation 5
> Sun Ultra 1
> As is typical for these, the NVRAM batteries have died.
> Also around are:
> A pile of old 100M ProDrives from the sparcstations, and some loose 
> HDD sleds, cables, CDs, etc.
> five type 4 keyboards, mice, optical pads.
> One Type I keyboard, one spare parts Type 1
> Original RedHat 5.1/Sparc
> Random Solaris CDs
> NCD 19r monochrome X Terminal.
> NCD HMX X termoinal box.
> Esprit serial terminal, works last time I tried it
> Falco 500 serial terminal, works last time I tried it.

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