[rescue] Free: Sparcstation 1/1+/2/5, U5, monitors, cables.

Louis Erickson lerickson at rdwarf.net
Sat Feb 16 17:59:56 CST 2008

Time to clean out the garage.  None of the Suns have run in ages, and it 
does not look like I'll get to them any time soon.  Time for me to reclaim 
that space.

I have a pile of old Sparc stuff that you can have for the cost of coming 
to get it or to pay the packaging and shipping.  I'm in Silicon Valley, 
California, and will provide a detailed address to anyone who wants to 
come get something.

Condition: All of this has been in the garage for at least five years, 
pretty much untouched.  I'm surprised at how dirty it has gotten.  Unless 
otherwise noted, it worked the last time I fired it up, but that may have 
been a while.

There are three 19" CRT monitors.  All Sun brand, all the 13W3 connector.

There are the following computers:
Sun 4/260, 64m? Needs SCSI drives replaced VME BUS!
Sparcstation 1, 0M RAM, no disc, no video, no FDD
Sparcstation 1+, 64m RAM, FDD, no HDD
Sparcstation 1+, 28M Ram, FDD, no HDD
Sparcstation 2, 32M ram, FDD, 2.1G HDD
Sun Sparcstation 5
Sun Ultra 1

As is typical for these, the NVRAM batteries have died.

The 4/260 is a "deskside" machine, a little smaller than a two drawer 
filing cabinet.  VME bus, with a Sparc upgrade to what was a 68000 
machine. sparc4 architecture!

Also around are:

A pile of old 100M ProDrives from the sparcstations, and some loose 
HDD sleds, cables, CDs, etc.
External Sun-bootable SCSI CD-ROM.  (Actually a VAX part, but it booteed 
last time I used it.)
five type 4 keyboards, mice, optical pads.
One Type I keyboard, one spare parts Type 1
Original RedHat 5.1/Sparc
Random Solaris CDs

Not Sun, but old and funky and on the block is:

DECpc Alpha AXP 150 - old. slow, heavy.  Runs Linux, NT3.51.  Not bootable 
at the moment.

NCD 19r monochrome X Terminal.
NCD HMX X termoinal box.
Esprit serial terminal, works last time I tried it
Falco 500 serial terminal, works last time I tried it.

Again, all this is free for the taking if you just want to come by, or 
e-mail me and we'll arrange some shipping.  If you have questions, ask 
away, and I'll tell you what I know.  All this stuff gets a couple of 
weeks to live, and then it goes off to the PC recyclers.

Thanks, guys!

Louis Erickson - lerickson at rdwarf.net - http://www.rdwarf.com/~wwonko/

Never settle with words what you can accomplish with a flame thrower.

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