[rescue] slightly odd E4000 rescue

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Sat Feb 16 12:40:50 CST 2008

OK, so I picked up this config for $50 yesterday, no idea if it works  
yet (haven't plugged it in)

5x CPU boards, 2x336Mhz CPUS, 2GB RAM for total of 10 CPUs and 10GB RAM
501-4883 IO board
501-4266 IO board, almost all heat sinks are loose from the chips
1 blank filler panel

I only need the one IO board, correct?  I have a bunch of SBus cards  
somewhere, I think.

Anyone have a spare disk board (takes 2x 1" SCA drives) for this  

My plan is to use this box for email and web hosting - Apache  
processes will be spread evenly among all CPUs.


Patrick Giagnocavo
patrick at zill.net

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