[rescue] Commodore and other kit

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Fri Feb 15 09:55:59 CST 2008

> Your ex-wife stole your heathkit. A tragedy in its own right, but
> when this phrase is repeated on its own I find it amusingly odd, and
> I'm sure others here do, too. It's almost like the beginning of a
> country-western tune. "my wife stole my heathkit and my nixie tubes
> and all she left me with is this VAX grant continuity card."

If it's a grantasaurus-rex[0] it might be worth a few bucks ;-)

[0] The Grantasaurus Rex was a DEC bus grant card cut down into a
dinosaur shape. Some 3rd party made them. They helped with the knuckles
getting ripped by clipped leads because the dinosaur head made a handle.

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