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Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Fri Feb 15 02:20:39 CST 2008

On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 06:07:50PM -0800, Nadine Miller wrote:
> All right guys, I have a bunch of my dad's computer and electronic stuff 
> to put up for sale since he passed away last month and my mom and 
> brothers just aren't interested in these things.

I'm sorry to hear that, my condolences.

> I figured I'd give you all first crack at it before eBay.  Please make 
> offers off list.  I'd prefer to sell the C= stuff in a lot if possible. 
>  Shipping will be via USPS from 61410.


What a haul, almost enough stuff to start a museum. :-)

> Non-computer electronics stuff:
> Heathkit Impedance Bridge, model 1B-28
> Heathkit SB-614
> Knight G-30 Grid Dip Meter
> Heathkit IM-21 MM
> Heathkit Audio Generator 1G-72
> HP Model 175A Oscilloscope
> Heathkit Model 10-21 Oscilloscope
> Heathkit Model V-7A MM
> Hickok Model 605A tube tester & analyzer (and more tubes than you can 
> shake a stick at)

This stuff is worth a fortune. Not only are there Heathkit collectors,
lots of people still use and love these things. I think you would be
best off locating a Heathkit user's mailing list and posting it there.
The worst place to sell it would be eBay, they would be stripped for
parts. :-(

> A Palm III, still functional, no screen scratches, serial (9-pin) 
> cradle, all the docs, CD, and O'Reilly Palm book.

I recently was given one for free. Still usefull. There was problem
with them if you left them in the cradle and it was connected to the
computer. In 24 hours it would drain your batteries. There is a 
simple mod to fix it, and the next owner would probably want to
do it. 

The latest version of Palm Desktop will work with it,
and it's a free download. It works fine with Windows XP/SP2,
if you turn on serial port hotsyncing, which is off by default.
That one perplexed me for hours. :-)

> A Palm Tungsten E2, with sync cable, charger, leather case (book style) 
> and 128MB Palm SD card.  This is pretty much brand new.
> I think that's all the major stuff, though I'm still doing research on a 
> couple of pieces as far as pricing (like a pristine TI calculator that 
> has programming *cards* and a National NC109 shortwave receiver).

The 109 is another hot item. DO NOT try to use it, if it has not
been used recently or "restored", it will be damaged.

If the receiver looks new or very close to it, Joe Walsh (yes,
that Joe Walsh) might be interested in it. He buys mint condition
National ham gear for top dollar. He has an assistant who travels
the country looking at it, so in effect, he would come to you, if
there was real interest.


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