[rescue] Commodore and other kit

Nadine Miller velociraptor at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 20:07:50 CST 2008

All right guys, I have a bunch of my dad's computer and electronic stuff 
to put up for sale since he passed away last month and my mom and 
brothers just aren't interested in these things.

I figured I'd give you all first crack at it before eBay.  Please make 
offers off list.  I'd prefer to sell the C= stuff in a lot if possible. 
  Shipping will be via USPS from 61410.

First up, the C= gear:

1x Vic-20, in box (box is fair to poor shape), includes power supply and 
"Alien" game cart

1x C= 64, in box (box is good to fair), with PSU and possibly carts, 
haven't checked the box yet

1x 1571 5 1/4" FDD w/PSU
1x 1541 5 1/4" FDD w/PSU
1x 1581 3 1/2" FDD w/PSU

1x C= 128, mfg. 9/85, with PSU (no box so far, but it still may be around)

1x Printer MPS-803

1x C2N Cassette Drive

1x Color Printer Model 1520

2x Quick Shote JoySticks w/autofire

5x Serial cables
1x C= 1702 Monitor
1x 1702 Monitor cable

2x Game Paddles
1x Model M-3 Mouse
1x Modem 1300, Model 1660

4x black printer ribbons
2x red printer ribbons, iron on
1x green printer ribbon, iron on
1x blue printer ribbon, iron on

1x Memorex 5 1/4" head cleaner

I have original manuals that have been transferred into small 3-ring 
binders, several books on programming the C=, and various software manuals.

There's probably close to 40 boxes filled with 3 1/2" floppies filled 
with C= software.  Likewise 5 1/4" disks.

Other stuff:
1x Radio Shack Model 1 with printer, data cassette unit, a box of 
catalogued cassette data tapes, and data duplicator box (not sure what 
this is, but it appears to have all cables)

HP 845c inkjet printer

Non-computer electronics stuff:
Heathkit Impedance Bridge, model 1B-28
Heathkit SB-614
Knight G-30 Grid Dip Meter
Heathkit IM-21 MM
Heathkit Audio Generator 1G-72
HP Model 175A Oscilloscope
Heathkit Model 10-21 Oscilloscope
Heathkit Model V-7A MM
Hickok Model 605A tube tester & analyzer (and more tubes than you can 
shake a stick at)

A Palm III, still functional, no screen scratches, serial (9-pin) 
cradle, all the docs, CD, and O'Reilly Palm book.

A Palm Tungsten E2, with sync cable, charger, leather case (book style) 
and 128MB Palm SD card.  This is pretty much brand new.

I think that's all the major stuff, though I'm still doing research on a 
couple of pieces as far as pricing (like a pristine TI calculator that 
has programming *cards* and a National NC109 shortwave receiver). 
There's miscellaneous electronics out the wahzoo, the most interesting 
of which I think are some Nixie tubes I found. :-)


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