[rescue] 9" VAIO with transmeta processor

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Wed Feb 13 12:29:34 CST 2008

Steve Hatle wrote:
> OK - you should be awake now :-)
> How'd it go? Linux would be much preferred on this guy, at least for me.
Well, i only played with it for about 20 minutes this morning before 
left for work, but the xubuntu install finished overnight, and it came 
up with a good X config that had proper graphics support, the PCMCIA 
cd-rom worked, and everything seemed pretty good.  It seemed a bit 
sluggish, but i suspect that i could go in and get rid of some things 
that i don't need to help it out. 
> FWIW, Win2K can do the 1400x900 or whatever it is that the Picturebook
> needs. I can't remember if I needed the updated driver from Windows Update
> for this, but it definitely works now.

I'm not too interested in Win2k on it.  I would have considered Windows 
Fundamentals, but based on my experience with xubuntu so far, i think i 
know what it will run.  :)

Does anyone have any advice on lightweight web browsers?  I realize 
that's an oxymoron these days, but I think firefox will be a joke on 
this thing, and i haven't really used any other browser for quite some 
time.  I think Thunderbird will probably be ok, and pidgin will probably 
run fine, xterm is no problem, and that is all i need on it.

    -Dan Sikorski

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