[rescue] 9" VAIO with transmeta processor

Monty Walls mwalls at castor.oktax.state.ok.us
Wed Feb 13 11:49:56 CST 2008

On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 00:43:35 -0500
Mark Brown wrote:

> Dan Sikorski wrote:
> FWIW, I've got a PCG-C1VN as well. It has been sitting on the shelf too, 
> as I have been wondering what OS to install. I think it is a 
> crusoe600/128M/6GB. This is the first time that I have heard of "Windows 
> Fundamentals for Legacy PCs".  I'm a little curious as to how that may 
> work on the Vaio. Since I'm a pretty heavy voip user, I wonder if I 
> could run a local SIP/IAX2 client there?

I just replaced a Fujitsu Lifebook (Transmeta 733, 256mb ram, 40gb disk)
about the same physical size as the Sony (I looked at the sony at the time).

I ran Fedora Core 3/6 on this for 3+ years without any real fuss, had
hibernate/suspend working and wifi(both prism & atheros) working at
various times.  Performance should be similar to mine, but with less
ram.  If you can upgrade the ram do so, slow downs were mostly ram/swap
related (I ran full blown KDE 3.5.8 without gnome).  

If you end up using linux check out the Tux-on-ice (ie software-suspend2)
tools (you can find packages for most distros if you look).

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