[rescue] Pinball machine available

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Feb 12 11:58:55 CST 2008

> So, my questions: (1) is it worth anything in its current shape, or
> does the damage (and/or maltreatment) cut its value to the point where
> it's comparable to the cost of hauling it away?  (2) anyone have more
> specific relevant questions that can be answered by someone not versed
> in pinball machines or electromech devices in general?

I LOVE PINBALL MACHINES! But I don't have room either.

I had the backglass on my twilight zone shatter randomly. It wasn't a big 
deal. Some pinball machines use what is called a translite, a piece of 
plastic with the artwork that is clipped to the backglass on all 4 sides. 
Some use painted glass. So if his is just translite then you can just 
replace the glass. If the glass was painted, you are kind of screwed as 
far as being true to the game, but there are people that scan and reprint 
translites. So it's not a huge deal, maybe $30 for a translite or 
whatever and then the glass (I moved to plexiglass on mine).

PInball machines have a huge scene. There are people that want it. Trust 

Definitely more people than those that wan't my AS/400!!!

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