[rescue] Looking for Sun/SGI Sony GDM17E10 or GDM17E11 monitors

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 06:02:14 CST 2008

Does anyone have one or more of these to spare in
good, working condition within driving distance of
12309 (Schenectady, NY)? These are 17" Trinitron tube
monitors. For whatever reason I really, really, really
like these monitors, and I have been using a pair of
them on my main computer for years. Unfortunately, one
of them has become too dim and fuzzy to use due to a
weak picture tube and a bad capacitor causing loss of
vertical linearity, and the one I had for a spare
turns out to be on it's last legs too - shrinking and
occasionally smearing picture. These things have
probably a hundred electrolytic capacitors in them, so
I don't feel like recapping this one unless I can help



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