[rescue] More Motherboards...

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Mon Feb 4 15:56:07 CST 2008

Hey folks...

I have two more motherboards that must go-go-go!

One is an ECS K7VZA 213 (?) ... it has a 1.2Ghz (?) Athalon on it. No  
RAM; it takes 133Mhz DIMMs, IIRC. I'm also throwing in an AGP TNT2/ 
M64 graphics card. No built-in ethernet, but it has everything else  
(game, USB, on-board AC7 sound, 2x IDE.)

The other is some kind of Pentium Celeron(?) board that came out of  
an E-Machines system. I can't get it to work. The CPU may be bad, the  
MB may be bad or the RAM... or just operator error. It has 256MB or  
PC2700 RAM. The only giveaway as to the board is "Imperial_GV 20030812"

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