[rescue] I have a bunch of gear I need to sell...

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Mon Feb 4 14:31:43 CST 2008

Hey folks!

I have the following that would do better in a new home.... I can't  
afford to give the nice stuff away, so make reasonable offers. Most  
of this has been sitting for a while, but it should all power up and  

1) Sun AXi board with a dead PROM battery. Just pay shipping on  
this... It has 384M of RAM I *think* (maybe 256M) I forget the CPU  
speed on it.

2) E3000. This is a 6-way 3GB box with 400Mhz CPUs. It has an sbus IO  
board, the older-style one that doesn't have a "normal" FCAL port  
(just the one to drive the old arrays.) I think I have a gigbit  
ethernet card in it and some other fun stuff. It's also full of old  
4GB drives, but they do have the brackets. It has two 50GB Drives,  
too, but I need to wipe 'em.

3) 2 more Ex500 boards, 2x 400Mhz CPUs w/ 1GB of RAM NIB!!! (except  
the seal on the static bag is broken so I could count RAM.)

4) A5000. Most of the drives in it were toast, so they're gone. There  
are a few 9GB drives still in it, though. Too bad we can't find 500GB  
or 1TB FCAL drives CHEAP. IIRC this has 18 slots total.

That's all I can think of. Shipping on the big stuff will be brutal,  
so you're welcome to pick it up in the Indianapolis area.


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