[rescue] FS: Various stuff

Nate nate at portents.com
Mon Feb 4 10:26:36 CST 2008

Hi everyone,

I am in 02144.  I've got some computers and parts I've no time for,  
taking up space and looking for a good home.  Pickup would be  
preferable especially for the workstations, but I can ship them (will  
take me a bit more time to find/buy the right packing material though):

- HP c3650 with 4GB RAM, 73GB Seagate Cheetah HD, HP Visualize FX10  
128MB graphics card, Panasonic DVD-R/RAM drive, HP keyboard and  
mouse, HP-UX 11i June 2006 CD set, $200

- HP c360 with 1GB RAM, HP CD-ROM drive, EVC to VGA adapter, HP-UX  
11i December 2003 CD set, $60

- HP-UX 11i System Administration Handbook and Toolkit, 1826 pages, $5

- PowerMac 8600 with a dual 180Mhz PowerPC 604e CPU card, a 1MB L2  
cache module, 4MB VRAM, some amount of RAM.  Plastic floppy bezel is  
loose because the tabs holding it on are broken.  Would be a good SMP  
machine for running BeOS or NetBSD, $40

- four 2GB sticks (8GB total) of Patriot PC5300 DDR2 667Mhz memory,  
lifetime manufacturer warranty, $150 for all four

- HT Omega Claro sound card, new in box $140

- Gigadesigns 800Mhz PowerPC G4 upgrade (256k on-chip L2 cache, no  
L3) compatible with AGP/Gigabit/DA/Quicksilver G4 Macs $30

- Antec NSK1300 MicroATX case and 300W power supply, new in box, $75

- Simple 101 slim MicroATX case, 150W power supply, two 60mm case  
fans, used, good condition (some cosmetic scratches), $20

- HP Vectra VE MicroATX desktop case, CD-ROM, floppy, 90W power  
supply, used, good condition, free (cost of shipping)

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