[rescue] FS: Drives, sleds, rails

Eric Railine erailine at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 18:03:45 CST 2008

Finally reaching the filling point, so I need to start clearing some
space.  More undoubtedly to come.

Compaq/HP sleds black/maroon style:
(6) - No drives (various sizes on labels) : $5/e
(16) - 9.1GB HD : $5/e
(10) - 18.2GB HD : $7.5/e
(10) - 36.4GB (Ultra 3) HD : $15/e
(5) - 36.4GB (U320) HD : $30/e

Rail kits:
(2) DL380 G3 (no cable mgmt arm) : $75/e
(2) DL360 G3 (no cable mgmt arm) : $25/e
(1) PowerEdge 2650/2850/2550/etc. (new in opened box) :  $45
(4) DL360 G1 (rack rails only; no server rails):  $15/e

Actual shipping from 12110 will be added.  More than happy to work
something out for items in quantity.

I've also got several old Compaq 1850R/DL380 (G1)/ML370 (G1) servers
(in working order) if anyone's looking for parts (I doubt anyone wants
to pay to ship the whole beasts but I'm willing to discuss - I hate to
see things get thrown out let alone do it myself).

Also, an IBM x232 w/6x36GB drives (& sleds) probably only good for
parts (1 CPU and only 256MB RAM due to a bad slot on the board) if
anyone's interested.  Drives alone are same as the HPs above - $15/e.



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