[rescue] san boot + U60

Dimitar Vasilev dimitar.vassilev at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 15:25:47 CST 2008

> Hi Jonathan
I got qlogic ifp's with sun part number SUN 375-0040 - 2 pieces and the
new patches from sun on disk arrays - 119470-12.

Do you see disks when you do probe-scsi-all?

Yup I see the ifp path. Only have to adjust the full path of disk in obp.
Have some experience from messing with external D1000's.
luxadm and format speak very nice.

infinity-root(/devices)=>luxadm probe
Found Enclosure(s):
SENA               Name:D02-06M   Node WWN:508002000006fbd0
  Logical Path:/dev/es/ses2
  Logical Path:/dev/es/ses3
infinity-root(/devices)=>luxadm display /dev/es/ses2

                                 DISK STATUS
SLOT   FRONT DISKS       (Node WWN)          REAR DISKS        (Node WWN)
0      On (O.K.)         2000002037e421b9    On ( O.K.)
1      On (O.K.)         2000002037baa1b2    On (O.K.)
2      On (O.K.)         2000002037e41928    On (O.K.)
3      On (O.K.)         2000002037e4204b    On ( O.K.)
4      On (O.K.)         20000004cfe1339f    On (O.K.)
5      On (O.K.)         2000002037e3e5cb    On (O.K.)
6      On (O.K.)         2000002037ba0b1d    On ( O.K.)
7      On (O.K.)         20000004cfe1ae05    On (O.K.)
8      On (O.K.)         2000002037d8deb0    On (O.K.)
9      On (O.K.)         2000002037e494f4    On ( O.K.)
10     On (O.K.)         2000000c50aa0b0c    On (O.K.)
                                SUBSYSTEM STATUS
FW Revision:1.09   Box ID:1   Node WWN:508002000006fbd0   Enclosure
Power Supplies (0,2 in front, 1 in rear)
        0 O.K.(rev.-02) 1 O.K.(rev.-02) 2 O.K.(rev.-02)
Fans (0 in front, 1 in rear)
        0 O.K.(rev.-04) 1 O.K.(rev.-00)
ESI Interface board(IB) (A top, B bottom)
        A: O.K.(rev.-04)
                GBIC module (1 on left, 0 on right in IB)
                0 Not Installed
                1 Not Installed
        B: O.K.(rev.-04)
                GBIC module (1 on left, 0 on right in IB)
                0 Not Installed
                1 O.K.(mod.-05)
Disk backplane (0 in front, 1 in rear)
        Front Backplane: O.K.(rev.-03)
          Temperature sensors (on front backplane)
          0:36QC 1:34QC 2:36QC 3:36QC 4:36QC 5:34QC
          6:36QC 7:36QC 8:36QC 9:36QC 10:36QC  (All temperatures are
        Rear Backplane:  O.K.(rev.-03)
          Temperature sensors (on rear backplane)
          0:34QC 1:34QC 2:36QC 3:36QC 4:36QC 5:36QC
          6:36QC 7:36QC 8:36QC 9:36QC 10:34QC  (All temperatures are
Interconnect assembly
Loop  configuration
        Loop A is configured as a single loop.
        Loop B is configured as a single loop.
Language        USA English

To do: print how to mess with the LCD

>   If you can see disks, you should be able to install an OS to one of
> them.  The Solaris installer should also set your 'boot-device' value
> properly for the A5200.  You may have to create your own aliases however.

Thanks - I'll use for live upgrading - have an interesting bug on SVM to
reproduce on an e4k
that I'm not allowed to patch or hold down for more than 15 mins.
When find the solution will post to sunmanagers@

good luck...

to you too

no worries reads fine here.

Dimitar Vassilev

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