[rescue] Dead octane?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Tue Dec 30 20:33:55 CST 2008

At 08:23 PM 12/30/2008, Ian Finder wrote:
>It's likely the psu.


>The symptoms you describe are not those of a defective connection to
>the HEART ASIC. The system should power on and redlight or throw


>something to video or serial if that were the problem. Do you hear a
>relay click when plugging the psu in? And is the psu Lucent (silver
>handle) or Cherokee (black)? You can check the frontplane(look at the
>diag LEDs behind the front panel) and compression connectors but my
>money is on the psu.

Black handle, no click when AC applied, but I do hear a slight pop--I 
assume it's the arcing as the cord makes contact with the 
jack.  Actually, I don't ever remember hearing a relay click.


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