[rescue] Dead octane?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Tue Dec 30 20:19:04 CST 2008

My old octane hasn't been powered up in a year or so, and now it 
seems as though it doesn't want to come back to life.  I get 
*nothing* when I apply ac and hit the power and/or reset buttons.  No 
light bar, no fan blip, no diagnostic leds, zilch.

I've pulled the motherboard and pressed (hard) on the center 
heatsink, thinking that it might be that darn ASIC again.  No 
help.  (I don't recall what the symptoms were like on the affected 
mobos, but I've had to do this before.)

Anything else that I should try?  The machine has been carried across 
the room a few times, but other than that it did boot last time I 
powered it up.

newell  N5TNL

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