[rescue] Just in time for the holiday...

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 14:28:22 CST 2008

Argh!  Too much stuff!  Apologies for any minor errors
as I am doing this from memory:

Sun LX 128MB (!) 36G w/ Type 5 and "LX stand"
Sun U2 2x296MHz 2GB 2x36G w/ Type 5
Sun U10 450MHz 512MB 40G
Sun U80 4x450MHz 2GB 2x36G
Sun 711 w/ 12x36G (U320's  silly, yes :-/ )
Sun 711 w/ 12x18G (U160's  almost as silly)
Sun SB150 (can't recall what's inside :< )
grocery bag of MBUS cards (incl 2 dual single-wide 70MHz)
grocery bag of SBUS cards ("Magma", Narrow/SE/LVD/HVD,
  PCMCIA, 10/100Mb, fiber, "NFS accelerator", etc.)
3 Creator 3D (UPA)
3 Elite 3D (UPA)
2 "short" (third height?) CDROM drives from SS20's
6 Sun optical mice w/ "pads"
SGI VWS320 2x450MHz 512MB 40G w/ "wide" LCD (1600mumble)
Tatung SB1000 2x750MHz 2GB 2x18G w/ Type 6 USB
TTY ASR33 w/ pedestal base
Cipher F880 Pertec (a few dozen head-hours)
Sharp PC-1211
Apple Newton (MP100?)
Franklin eBookman
2 SpaceBall 4000
HP Jornada 547 (?)
HP 7475
HP 7550
HP 7585
HP LJ4M+ w/66MB & duplexer
2 DLT8000 (desktop case)
2 DLT4000 (desktop case)
VS80 (desktop case)
TomTom Go 700
100 NIB 652MB 5.25" MO media (1024B sector)
2 Votrax Type N Talk
2 Telebit 8820
2 Telebit 8840
2 WRT54G v5 (w/ factory firmware)

In 85751.  All known to be in good cosmetic/working order.


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