[rescue] Octane video

Mark KAHRS kahrs at caip.rutgers.edu
Fri Dec 19 14:44:22 CST 2008

There was this Octane ya see...  So, now I have it but I want to see the
video.  I have an Extron rgb112 box --- that's the one with the
Sun/SGI/NeXt switch on the back.  So, here's the question: if I put the
switch in the SGI position, what will the "local buffer" output of the
Extron box generate?  Still SGI?  Can I use a 13w3 to VGA cable directly?

Amusing story of the day: powered up a Multia --- doesn't pass POST, count
das blinken lights = 14.  Secret decoder ring says memory problems.  Open
up the box.  Yup, it's got BIG memory problems --- NO RAM!  So if anyone
has any spare "true parity" memory, let me know.

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