[rescue] Garage sale

Mark Price mprice at tqhosting.com
Tue Dec 16 07:26:45 CST 2008

Hello list,

I have several Sun netra systems for sale:

 qty 4 Sun Netra X1 units.  400MHz.  20G IDE disk each.  two have
1024MB RAM, two have 768MB RAM
 qty 5 Sun Netra T1 105 units.  440MHz.  All have an 18G 10K rpm disk
except one has 36GB disks.  Two have Emulex fiber channel controllers
installed.  All have 512MB RAM except one has 1G.  A few of the units
have cd-rom drives installed.

 also 2 old Cobalt RAQ 2 units and also one Cobalt RAQ 3.

Send me an email off-list if you're interested... I don't expect to
get much more than shipping and packing cost.



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