[rescue] Powermac G5 V.s. MacBook

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Tue Dec 9 20:27:43 CST 2008

 >Leopard isn't supported on G3s, and I don't think it would even work
 >if you hacked around the installer (since I see ppc7400 binaries all
 >over the system). And, there's a good chance that Snow Leopard will
 >dump PPC altogether. G5s are good machines, but I wouldn't expect to
 >be running the latest software on it a year from now.

One of the reasons I wasn't concerned is that I pretty much use  
freeware and the iApps.  My VST plugins work fine with Garageband, so  
no issues there.  Truth be told I haven't needed anything outside the  
out of the box apps and misc. free utils, hardly ever....  One the  
reasons I'm such an apple advocate - the iapps suite just gets it  
done for me.

One point however - regarding the snow leopard release.  I'll admit  
I'm not completely up on this release, but from what I have read its  
not anything revolutionary - more speed improvements and core  
enhancements, not anything revolutionary from 10.5...  I tend to be  
about 1 release behind anyways.  Still running 10.4 on everything I  
have right now...

If this G5 gets me through the next 3 years or so, then I'll be  
plenty happy.  Heck, I'm still using my G4 iBook (800Mhz) for most of  
my internet stuff, purchased new in 2003....

Now I'll really throw gas on the fire - What if apple releases 10.6  
and opens it up to run on non -apple hardware?  The OSX86 community  
has been doing all the development for them, for free.  Apple could  
give a list of supported machines and CPU/MB chipset config's and let  
it loose.  After all the "I'm a Mac" commercials, they would have a  
huge flood of "curious" folks, looking to switch but not wanting to  
fork over the cash for a new system.

- Chris

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