[rescue] Powermac G5 V.s. MacBook

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Tue Dec 9 17:31:27 CST 2008

> I guess I never really swallowed the Apple "PPC is so much better than
> Intel" pill, but how sure are you that a dual core2 macbook will be
> slower than a dual G5?
> I would suspect that you may not benefit from this deal all that much.
> Cheers,
> Jonathan.

This is interesting - and keep in mind I'm using xbench for my  
comparison - The Dual G5 beats the Macbook composite score by a  
little bit... Mostly attributed to the terrible video on the  
MacBook.  See Below:

---- Overall xbench ----
Escher's MacBook			69.60	MacBook (Core 2)	2008-04-30 19:08:42.0
Escher's Power Mac G5 - a... 	93.30	PowerMac G5 (Orig)	2008-12-08  

Cpu wise G5 is not quite as fast:
MacBook - 143.33
PowerMac - 118.93

The G5 with 6800GT video 3d performance smokes the MacBook with  
Integrated Intel 3100:
MacBook OGL : 22.23
PowerMac: 109.34

But the MacBook outperforms in Quartz:
MacBook: 160.76
PowerMac: 116.49

Macbook also wins in memory speed , no surprise there:
MacBook: 152.23
PowerMac: 94.99

Powermac wins on HDD Perf - But I *am* using Raid:
MacBook: 37.98
PowerMac: 51.16

So, All in all was it a good trade?

For me - yes.  I didn't sacrifice much in the CPU performance area,  
but I gained tremendously in 3D graphics performance, which really  
upset me about the original MacBook line....  I also have the ability  
to expand, run a RAID setup, run dual headed (Properly), more ram  
expandability (8 v.s. 4 gb max)...

Keep in mind that I only used the Macbook as a stationary machine  

Ohh yeah.... one more thing...

*****The G5 is the coolest looking machine on the planet! *****

- Chris

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