[rescue] Winter clean-out

Fred fred at miser.misernet.net
Tue Dec 9 15:10:23 CST 2008

Good afternoon all ...

(I could also make the subject of this message "get that gear out of the living
room!") :)

I currently have up for rescue (or whatever you're willing to offer):

Digital AlphaServer 4100, rack mount.  Dual processor, lots of memory.  I
acquired an AlphaStation 255 and put it in service (typing on it now in fact)
as it's less power hungry than the 4100.   Would rather not ship unless you are
masochistic - it's HEAVY.  Prefer pickup in 44870, or for some fuel money I'll
deliver to most places in Ohio.  An OpenVMS 8.3 CD can be thrown in for no
extra charge, although you'll have to get your hobbyist licenses yourself. :)

HP SCSI disk array with 8 4.3GB SE SCSI drives in it.  Prefer pickup on this
one too, or I can deliver in Ohio.

(4) Adtran TSU's model 1200.060L1 - for connecting a T1 (or fractional) to your
router via V.35 cable.  These were taken out of a data center environment -
great spares if you already have these in service - just swap and go (after
configuring your line type and such).  I'll ship these, as they are not that

Lastly, I have 6 4.3GB SCSI disks from a beige BA356 shelf.  I have the shelf
too, but I figured the drives would be more rescue-able. :)   I'll ship the
drives, prefer pickup or delivery on the shelf if you'd like it all.

If I could get more than a few hundred for the whole lot I'd be satisfied.  
I'd like to get it out of here, find it a good home, and perhaps make a 
couple of (not so obscene) bucks in the process. 

I've been a long time lurker (mostly read via the mailman web interface) and
since I was able to get my hobbyist Alpha running I figured I would subscribe.

Cheers & Greetings from northern Ohio ...


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