[rescue] Scrapping NCR 3430's and Wyse 286 Boards

Martin Marshall martinm at allwest.net
Mon Dec 8 18:31:40 CST 2008

I'm scrapping two NCR / ATT 3430 servers (MCA bus).  If anyone wants the
whole machines, they are free for pickup in Evanston, Wyoming (82930) or
parts are available for shipping cost (and beer money, if the taker wants to
be generous).  Both servers are Pentium 60's with two processor boards per

I also have some boards for a Wyse 286 (I think).  There are two processor
boards, one disk controller board, one video card and one serial / parallel
board.  Free for shipping.

Email me directly.  My address is "martinm" at the domain "allwest.net".

Thank you,
Martin Marshall

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