[rescue] Powermac G5

nate at portents.com nate at portents.com
Mon Dec 8 15:15:19 CST 2008

> My wife ordered her 2*G5 @ 2.7Ghz in late 2005.  It is water cooled.  I
> know that we ordered it the week after the Intel boxes were announced.

It's not water, it's a coolant.

> I could probably hunt down the exact order/delivery date if someone
> really needed that information.

There are about 6 different models of G5.  For details of each generation,
you can check out this site:


For more on the coolant leak problems, see this:


(I've been very impressed that Apple has been so good to so many original
owners of the liquid cooled G5 systems that have failed and replaced them
out-of-warranty, sometimes with new Mac Pros.)

- Nate

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