[rescue] Wanted: Laptop Hard drives

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sun Dec 7 13:00:29 CST 2008


I have a small but seemingly growing collection of older laptops that I'm
triaging and setting up for folks who can use/need them.

While I seem to be doing OK with memory, I'm having trouble with finding
replacements for small and "on the edge" hard drives.

I'm not looking for anything huge, but used 2.5" ATA hard drives that are at
least 40GB and don't either scream like a banshee or sound like they have
sand poured in them or flirt with the "click of death" would be OK.

If anyone has some used drives they want to part with, or pointers to good
sources, please let me know.




shatle at nfldinet.com

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