[rescue] Trimming down Solaris 10

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Dec 3 23:17:14 CST 2008

>>> But if you use all the newfangled 10g/11g features, you might not be
>>> totally able to do it. Also, when it comes to applying oracle patches,
>>> you'll face hardship. On 10gR2 though I am running with a single patch
>>> applied.
>> You should be able to do "opatch apply" w/o a GUI....
> Yes, that's what I did. I didn't even know you could apply a patch
> (not an upgrade) with a gui. I was talking more about the data it
> stores in the repository. It has some host specific junk that causes
> issues when moving stuff from one host to another.
That has been my experience, though I h ave not "done Oracle" for a year 
now: patches with opatch do not require a GUI, or even unseen access to 
an X server, but upgrades do.

As for patching, I was testing the automatic download of patches with 
the Sol 10 GUI patch manager, and it rendered my poor old SunBlade 100 
unbootable within a month. I now download and apply the 10_Recommended 
cluster. I believe that the cluster patches have been tested as a group 
and I am much more comfortable with that.


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