[rescue] 2nd try... SunNet Manager

Jerry K sun.mail.list at oryx.cc
Tue Dec 2 09:53:17 CST 2008

Hello Bill,

I am not sure.

I know that IBM's NetView product was.


Bill Bradford wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 06:12:34PM -0600, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> I am looking for an old Sun network management application called SunNet  
>> Manager.  If anyone has a copy that they are willing to part with, or a  
>> suggested place that I might look, it is appreciated.
> Wasn't SNM just a not-quite-current rebranded version of HP's Network Node
> Manager?
> Like how Solstice Backup was a slightly-older rebranded version of Legato
> Networker?
> Bill

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