[rescue] Prime 4150 on E-Bay...

james james at jdfogg.com
Mon Dec 1 09:09:05 CST 2008

> The price is well beyond stupid.  I got a complete 4050
> for a fraction of that, with documentation.  That listing
> has been there for long enough that I'm having trouble
> remembering when I first saw it, but I think it's been
> about a year.
> But that raises the question: are there other Prime
> collectors here? I'd never thought to ask.

I used to work for Pr1me, and would love a system. I don't
have much budget for anything, let along a basement heater.

The 4150 was a product I worked on.

I collect nice examples of the bigger makers, and the ones
I've worked for/with/on. It's mostly Sun & DEC and some 8
bitter home computers, and I'm seeking Pr1me and Data
General. I think I've mentioned here before that my older
brother was one of the DG AOS/VS developers. I'm interested
in IBM, but most of their systems are fussy (obtaining
software, licenses, etc.) and there are a lot of IBM
collectors in line ahead of me.

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