[rescue] SGI Indigo2 & IRIX 6.5

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Mon Dec 1 06:46:22 CST 2008

I think I can summarize this thread:

Linux guys:
"I am familiar with Linux and would like to run it on SGI hardware.
Don't understand why all this IRIX stuff was ever designed this way, and
it is not very secure. And SGI stuff is not very open, the hardware is

SGI/SVR4 guys:

"There are historical reasons that were logical at the time for the way
SGI did things.  As well, they needed to be compatible with other Unices
like Solaris and AIX - a little thing called interoperability.  The
weirdness of the shell, etc. is because IRIX is based on SVR4 and Linux
is not.  Security was not as much of a deal back then as it is now, when
your toaster might be connected to the Internet.  The hardware was
proprietary because there was no Nvidia or other graphics hardware
makers, and the only way to get better performance was in building
custom stuff."

HTH, YMMV, etc.


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