[rescue] HP 3000XR UPS

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Thu Aug 28 18:05:08 CDT 2008

Brian Deloria wrote:
> Weren't a lot of the HP branded UPS's just APC's with cutome face plates?  I
> used to have a few, and they took the standard at the time 9606 network
> card.

These don't *look* like an APC design, but I could be wrong.  APC UPSen
tend to be ferroresonant, while the HP operates on some transformerless
principle controlled by a DSP.  I've run across some links indicating
that it may be a rebadged Compaq model, but haven't found any more
detail or confirmation.  Most of the links returned by Google are
completely useless.  "Come see our Belkin power strips!  We put every
UPS we could think of in our meta tags to make sure you'd look!"

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