[rescue] Quantum Snap! Server

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 16:16:00 CDT 2008

Hi guys,

A buddy of mine moved to Australia, and instead of dragging equipment to the
land down undah, he gave it to me.  I have a vintage Quantum Snap! Server
M4100 with count em, four 40GB Quantum Fireball hard drives inside for a
total of 160GB if you stripe across all of them or about 120GB if you setup
as RAID5.  The model number is 70700139-01, serial number 514115.  I don't
have the disks to reinstall the OS.  I didn't bother booting it up, however
my buddy says it works and he cleared off all his personal info.  It's a 1U
network attached storage device that is roughly 17" or 18" square by 1U
high.  There is an ethernet port on the back, fan, and power connector
(regular PC power cord), no rack ears, no rails.  I popped the cover and
there is a little dust, but it's pretty clean considering how old it is.  No
disk access without popping the top unfortunately.   I believe this thing
runs either some form of BSD or Linux with Samba.   Free + cost of shipping
if anybody wants it.  Also, let it be known, I am notoriously bad at finding
time to go to the post office, but do eventually get things out -usually 2
weeks after I say I will.  I'm working on that.

-Bob D

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