[rescue] Looking for System V Release 4

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Mon Aug 25 16:33:53 CDT 2008

Tom Manos wrote:
> I'm recreating a public access UNIX system I owned and operated many years ago, before the Internet days. This was a dialup system with USENET and mail running over UUCP. Not sure what I'll do with it once I have it the way I think it was in the old days (late '80s to early '90s), but I'll think of something.

What was the name of this public access system? You may have rans and 
not even realize it. ;^)

I don't think you were using SVR4 in the late 80s... What were you 
running before SVR4? And on what platform, in each case?

> Anybody doing UUCP for fun anymore?

I would like to be doing this, mostly "just because." I even picked up a 
pair of real Telebit Trailblazers a while back, but need to find the 
PSUs to go with them. Or just use the T1600 that's around here 
somewhere... The bigger question is, what will I use for the host system?


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