[rescue] Looking for System V Release 4

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Mon Aug 25 16:20:38 CDT 2008

On Mon, Aug 25, 2008 at 04:58:50PM -0400, John Francini wrote:
>er, um,  for what platform?  Wouldn't this need to be targeted to a  
>specific processor family, such as VAX, DG, Nixdorf/Siemens, 68000, etc?

Unless he was looking for an X86 one. Then there are all sorts of versions,
ESIX, Interactive, AT&T, SCO, Dell, and so on. There were also all sorts
of subversions depending upon what hardware (386/486/Pentium), IDE/SCSI,
ISA/PCI and so on.

Not counting the non PC X86 versions such as those multiprocessor,
microchannel NCR machines.


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