[rescue] Need help with PortMaster PM2 recovery

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 25 11:55:43 CDT 2008

> It's been sooo long! Will it bootp? You said the PMVision software looked 
> like it was flashing but it didn't take?
> This is a PM-2 or PM-25 right?
> The PM-11 used a floppy drive inside :-)

It does BOOTP fine, and I have it netbooted now.  It's had several weeks of uptime with the netboot image.  I just would rather get ComOS loaded so I could do a flash boot as well.  It is indeed a PM2 and normally boots from flash (except for in my case!).

PMVision can connect to it, but the upgrade fails.  It doesn't tell you much, it just says not to reboot until you get a clean upgrade.  However, trying the upgrade repeatedly doesn't help, nor does using different ComOS images (3.3.3, 3.5, 3.7).

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