[rescue] Need help with PortMaster PM2 recovery

John Lengeling John.Lengeling at radisys.com
Mon Aug 25 10:42:23 CDT 2008

I used to manage these, but flushed the cache long ago.

Best resource is www.portmasters.com
They have manuals, downloads, etc.

There isn't enough memory to hold ComOS and the system messages file at
the same time.   If you look on portmasters.com you may find the error
messages file or look at the download section for it.   This will help
you translate the errors.

You might also verify that you can tftp the files using another TFTP
client.   TFTP is picky about file permissions, etc.  It would rule out
any tftp server issues.


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This is a re-send of a question I had a few weeks ago, but got no
response to, and I'm sure there's a solution.  I need to know how I can
recover a 10-port PortMaster PM2 terminal server.

The ComOS flash segments are trashed, but I'm able to netboot it just
fine.  Problem is, I seem to be unable to erase then re-flash ComOS
once it's netbooted.  As an added inconvenience, all system message
text has been nuked, so most any command you enter returns something
like "SYSMSG459" instead of the actual error/warning/note.
I've tried flashing it using PMVision1.12 as well as by tftp'ing an
image, but neither succeeds.  The tftp method reports this:
Requesting tftp of XXX from host YYY
Initializing File System
SYSMSG459 tftp terminated on invalid command:
tftp error on read
WARNING: Flash copy of Operating System has been erased.
    Rebooting from Flash will fail unless a valid
    Operating System is loaded.

Any PortMaster experts out there?  I figure if they exist anywhere, it's
probably on the Rescue List!
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