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What is the cost of the Apple Care certification, and is it just a flat rate
savings or a percentage per machine?

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> >> All with 4 full-time employees and about 5 interns (aged 14-17 years
> old)... And
> >> a couple consultants.
> >
> >I don't know how many people we have.  One permanent "tech" and an odd
> assortment of people drifting in and out.
> We have one employee per two Elementary schools, aand one for HS/middle
> school (though that is about to change I think - it is too much for one
> person, it is almost half the district in those two buildings).
> We make do with what we have, buy th ebest we can when we have money, and
> try to replace hardware as it becomes unsupported by the Mfg. - we don't
> have time/money to rely on older hardware in production settings).
> Interesting aside - here at $WORK we have our elementary techs (that
> support Macs almost exclusively) get Apple Care certified, that allows us to
> save about $150-200 per system for warranty support, allowing us to buy 20%
> more systems for the same money)...
> Lionel
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