[rescue] Parallel ports [was Re: Slightly OT: ?Bad Cap Saga]

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Sun Aug 24 22:23:29 CDT 2008

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>> All with 4 full-time employees and about 5 interns (aged 14-17 years old)... And 
>> a couple consultants.
>I don't know how many people we have.  One permanent "tech" and an odd assortment of people drifting in and out.

We have one employee per two Elementary schools, aand one for HS/middle school (though that is about to change I think - it is too much for one person, it is almost half the district in those two buildings).

We make do with what we have, buy th ebest we can when we have money, and try to replace hardware as it becomes unsupported by the Mfg. - we don't have time/money to rely on older hardware in production settings).

Interesting aside - here at $WORK we have our elementary techs (that support Macs almost exclusively) get Apple Care certified, that allows us to save about $150-200 per system for warranty support, allowing us to buy 20% more systems for the same money)...


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