[rescue] Parallel ports [was Re: Slightly OT: ?Bad Cap Saga]

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Fri Aug 22 10:10:15 CDT 2008

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 11:00:37AM -0400, Nate wrote:
>Let's say you're me, someone who supports his father's small non- 
>profit company when he can, and set them up with Macs for free by  
>scrounging up old 7300-7600 and platinum G3 class machines,  
>installing G3 upgrades in systems that don't have one, flashed Radeon  
>7000 32MB PCI cards, ATTO UltraWide SCSI cards, and 512-1024MB of RAM  
>in each, and using XPostFacto to have them boot and run OS X 10.4.   
>Now these machines have an internal floppy drive, but don't come with  
>USB.  So now, because there's no OS X floppy driver for internal  
>floppies (even though platinum G3 Macs shipped with internal floppy  
>drives and early versions of OS X officially supported those Macs),  
>it means those internal floppy drives are less than useless - you pop  
>a disk in, you'll need a paperclip to get it out again!

I've got to run, but the OPTI chipset USB cards work fine in them,
once they boot, you can use them for disks and keyboards.

I use two in a 7200/120, one for keyboard and mouse and the other
for an external drive.

10.4.11 supports NEC chipset USB 2 cards fully, but VIA ones only work
for mice, keyboards and bluetooth dongles.

Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jerusalem, Israel gsm at mendelson.com  N3OWJ/4X1GM

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