[rescue] Parallel ports [was Re: Slightly OT: ?Bad Cap Saga]

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri Aug 22 00:50:34 CDT 2008

> ...but meanwhile, this whole discussion is moot because you haven't
> actually tried it with USB, have you?

No, I don't have a USB "parallel port" device of any stripe.

I have in the past glanced at USB code for other things - in
particular, I was attempting to make it work in a much older NetBSD,
one that didn't really support it out of the box - and that's what I
was basing my guesses on.

Am I wrong?  _Is_ sending a byte out over a USB "parallel port" device
as simple as it is on a real parallel port?

> You qualify your statements as something akin to "I haven't tried it,
> but it probably won't work" but I don't see anything convincing me it
> won't work, just that you're too much of a stick in the mud on this
> issue to give it a try.

Perhaps.  Care to point me to docs for a few, so I can read them over
to figure out whether they even try to provide the capabilities I'm
after?  I did a little searching, but all I found was some generic
babblage, no specific product docs.  (If I'm going to spend money to
satisfy you on this point, at least I'm going to have grounds to think
I'll get a useful device before I buy!)

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