[rescue] FTGH: Sun CPU modules

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu Aug 21 15:10:53 CDT 2008

" From: "Mike Hebel" <nimitz at nimitzbrood.com>
" A talking watermelon whispered a message to me from: Steve Hatle
" > And I'd like something faster than dual 200's in an Ultra 2 I just
" > rescued.
" >
" > Mike - I'll cover the shippping on the box and go through them and send
" > you
" > what I don't use. Deal? :-)
" >
" > (Unless someone got to them first)
" Sounds like a deal to me. :-)

if any such are going spare in this, i'd like a 300MHz/2Mb and a
400MHz [4Mb?] for my seu20, which takes a u2-style module.  i'd like
to try a 480 but i'm not sure it'd work and iirc takes more power than
the system can spare; even the 400 will take some jiggery-pokery as the
obp was never updated past 3.7 - and on top of that, the 300MHz/0.5Mb
module that came with the board isn't mentioned in the only copy of
the manual i could find [which is btw marked 'preliminary'].
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