[rescue] FTGH: Sun CPU modules

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Thu Aug 21 13:53:12 CDT 2008

And I'd like something faster than dual 200's in an Ultra 2 I just rescued.

Mike - I'll cover the shippping on the box and go through them and send you
what I don't use. Deal? :-)

(Unless someone got to them first)


On 8/21/08 1:47 PM, "Mike Hebel"  wrote:

> A talking watermelon whispered a message to me from: Curious George
>> Hi,
>> I've got ten "CPU modules" as working pulls from
>> various machines I've had over the years.  Forgive
>> the ignorance in how to describe them... they are
>> the sort that come out of U2, U60, etc.
>> I have *no* inclination to dig up a magnifying
>> glass to try to read the *&^%W(*& part numbers
>> off the things!  :<  Some, I had labeled in the
>> past:  450MHz 4MB, 300MHz 2MB, etc.  Some are
>> not yet labeled.  :<
>> I'd just like to drop them in a $12.95 USPS flat
>> rate box (they won't all fit in an $8.95 box and
>> I don't want to sort them!) and ship them to someone.
>> So, for $12.95, their yours...
> If any of them will run in a U10 or an E450 I'll be happy to take them off
> your hands.

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