[rescue] FTGH: Sun CPU modules

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 21 13:46:19 CDT 2008


I've got ten "CPU modules" as working pulls from
various machines I've had over the years.  Forgive
the ignorance in how to describe them... they are
the sort that come out of U2, U60, etc.

I have *no* inclination to dig up a magnifying
glass to try to read the *&^%W(*& part numbers
off the things!  :<  Some, I had labeled in the
past:  450MHz 4MB, 300MHz 2MB, etc.  Some are
not yet labeled.  :<

I'd just like to drop them in a $12.95 USPS flat
rate box (they won't all fit in an $8.95 box and
I don't want to sort them!) and ship them to someone.

So, for $12.95, their yours...

(I believe the USPS only allows this rate to be used
for domestic mail)

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