[rescue] Slightly OT: ?Bad Cap Saga

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Aug 20 10:10:45 CDT 2008

>>> (2)(b) Because the same port is useful to plug in other things.
>> But hopefully no one will encourage that.
> Seconded.  Most of the "other things" that were made to plug into the
> parallel port were made that way because, even though it worked like
> crap (if it worked at all), it was a lot cheaper than giving the
> device a real bus interface like, say, SCSI.

Even if that's true of most of them (I'm not competent to comment on
that), how does that justify cutting off the rest?

Note that a lot of single-board computers have parallel ports, just not
labeled as such (they're typically called something like "GPIO pins");
clearly I'm not the only person who wants them.

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