[rescue] CLD-3090 (was Re: Slightly OT: Bad Cap Saga)

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 18 21:57:33 CDT 2008

--- On Mon, 8/18/08, Carl R. Friend <crfriend at rcn.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Aug 2008, Curious George wrote:
> >> Pioneer CLD-3090 Laserdisk players? [...]
> >
> > (sgh)  Unfortunately, my manuals are for the 3030 and 3070.
> > Assuming the 3090 is similar, I see the loading motor is
> > powered by ~13-14V (the motor probably only sees 12V as it
> > is driven through an H bridge).  I'm not sure this is the
> > motor that you are concerned with (?).
> Nah, it's also the all of the *other* little servos that
> exist in the thing.

Theree are *lots* of those!  :>

> Put honestly, I've not taken it fully
> apart, but in quiet moments (what few I can find in a noisy
> house) I can state with authority that there is precisely no
> mechanical sound from the innards on power-up or down (there
> was a slight whirr on each before the failure).  This indicates
> to me that there is no motor action whatsoever.
> > If you can trace foils, you should be able to come up
> > with a rough idea of what the *maximum* voltage it is
> > likely to see (by looking at the components in the
> > driving ciruit).
> See above.  ;-)  It's in a fairly inaccessible place at
> the moment (mainly because I need to move 500+ pounds of
> cabinet to reach behind to get all the cords unplugged.
> (My back is not what it used to be in my prime.)

*Really*?  You mean backs get worse with age???  :-/  ;)

> > And, are you sure there isn't a bad belt someplace
> > (that's often a $1 fix)?
> No motor noise; I would have heard that and jumped to
> that very conclusion.
>     Thanks anyway!!!!

>From the foil images of the power supplies in the 3030 and
3070, the power spplies don't look very sophisticated in
either machine.  The 3030 has four sets of center tapped
outputs feeding four sets of *linear* regulators (built
from discretes).  The 3070 is similar except only *three*
sets of taps.

The only complicated portion is the spindle servo on each.
But, you sound like you're having a general power supply
failure and not something specific to the spindle servo.

I see the loading motor runs off ~14V in each case.  And,
the spindle, tilt and slider servos run off +-14.  You
should also note hat the secondaries of the Xformer are
*fused* (hint, hint).

I can scan/email portions of these manuals if you'd like to
take a peek at what *they* are like (keeping in mind that
the 3090 will undoubtedly have some differences -- maybe

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