[rescue] Slightly OT:  Bad Cap Saga

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Aug 18 19:56:43 CDT 2008

> I let your mail client format the mail you read, if you have a mail
> window that is 132 columns wide, you should see my posts in all [its]
> glorious 132 columns...

> I don't press "enter" when my cursour hits the end of the screen - I
> haven't doen that since I stopped using a manual typewritter ;^)

And it shows.  You might want to consider readability a bit more.  I
knwo I find it substantially more difficult to read text which uses
paragraph-sized lines and wraps haphazardly in the middles of words
(which is how it ends up for me, unless I take special action) as
compared to text which follows the recommendations in the standards.

There is a standard for how to write text and let mail clients re-wrap
it - and it takes readability in non-aware clients into account.  You
might want to have a look at it; it's RFC 3676.

Or, of course, you could go on doing what you're doing now, and have
your messages junked after about a line and a half by people like me
who figure that if it wasn't worth putting a little effort into to make
it readable, it's probably not worth reading.

Oh, and I don't press enter either when typing running text.  The text
editor I use for email composition inserts the line breaks for me, and
has been doing so for some 20-plus years (or at least has been capable
of doing so; I forget when I first set up that particular bit of
configuration, but I know the capability has been there that long).

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