[rescue] PortMaster PM2 recovery?

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 18 18:55:02 CDT 2008

Someone on this list might know the answer here.
How can I recover a 10-port PortMaster PM2 terminal server?  The ComOS flash segments are trashed, but I'm able to netboot it just fine.  Problem is, I seem to be unable to erase then re-flash ComOS once it's netbooted.  As an added inconvenience, all system message text has been nuked, so most any command you enter returns something like "SYSMSG459" instead of the actual error/warning/note.
I've tried flashing it using PMVision1.12 as well as by tftp'ing an image, but neither succeeds.  The tftp method reports this:
Requesting tftp of XXX from host YYY
Initializing File System
SYSMSG459 tftp terminated on invalid command:
tftp error on read
WARNING: Flash copy of Operating System has been erased.
    Rebooting from Flash will fail unless a valid
    Operating System is loaded.

Help... any PortMaster experts on the list?  :-)

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