[rescue] CLD-3090 (was Re: Slightly OT: Bad Cap Saga)

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Aug 18 17:11:32 CDT 2008

    On Mon, 18 Aug 2008, Curious George wrote:

> --- On Mon, 8/18/08, Carl R. Friend <crfriend at rcn.com> wrote:
>> Speaking of things that are way past their expiry date, does
>> anybody here happen to know what internal voltages are used in
>> Pioneer CLD-3090 Laserdisk players? [...]
> (sgh)  Unfortunately, my manuals are for the 3030 and 3070.
> Assuming the 3090 is similar, I see the loading motor is
> powered by ~13-14V (the motor probably only sees 12V as it
> is driven through an H bridge).  I'm not sure this is the
> motor that you are concerned with (?).

    Nah, it's also the all of the *other* little servos that
exist in the thing.  Put honestly, I've not taken it fully
apart, but in quiet moments (what few I can find in a noisy
house) I can state with authority that there is precisely no
mechanical sound from the innards on power-up or down (there
was a slight whirr on each before the failure).  This indicates
to me that there is no motor action whatsoever.

> If you can trace foils, you should be able to come up
> with a rough idea of what the *maximum* voltage it is
> likely to see (by looking at the components in the
> driving ciruit).

    See above.  ;-)  It's in a fairly inaccessible place at
the moment (mainly because I need to move 500+ pounds of
cabinet to reach behind to get all the cords unplugged.
(My back is not what it used to be in my prime.)

> And, are you sure there isn't a bad belt someplace
> (that's often a $1 fix)?

    No motor noise; I would have heard that and jumped to that
very conclusion.

    Thanks anyway!!!!

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