[rescue] Slightly OT: Bad Cap Saga

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 17 13:55:58 CDT 2008

--- On Sun, 8/17/08, Ethan O'Toole <ethan at 757tech.net> wrote:

> > I'm seeing a *lot* of "broken devices" that *just* have
> > bad electrolytics somewhere in the power supply, etc.
> AFAIK electrolytic caps will *always* dry out, correct?
> I mess with classic video games, and the first thing you always do on a 
> machine you just got is recap the monitor. Just did a donkey kong, and she 
> came out beautiful! Recapped the audio amp board, that fixed audio. 
> Recapped the monitor, that fixed picture. *shrug*

But those are 20 - 30 year old machines!  I'm looking at devices
with manufacturing dates of 2004, 2006, etc.

Also, you'll note that most arcade pieces use 85C components
(whereas all of these are 105C)

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